Reduce Strikeouts! The Power of the Top Hand!!

Looking to reduce your softball strikeouts? Here is what you need to know!

Softball is a game of precision, skill, and strategy. One of the most important aspects of softball is the ability to reduce strikeouts. Strikeouts are a common occurrence in softball and often lead to missed opportunities, lost runs, and ultimately, lost games. Reducing strikeouts is crucial to the success of any softball player and team, and there are a few reasons why.

Firstly, strikeouts prevent players from advancing on the bases. Every time a player strikes out, the team loses an opportunity to score runs. This can be particularly damaging in close games, where every run counts.

Secondly, strikeouts can have a negative impact on the morale of the player and team. Repeated strikeouts can lead to frustration, demotivation, and a lack of confidence in the team or players’ abilities. This can have a ripple effect, leading to poor performance and even more strikeouts.

Lastly, reducing strikeouts can make the game more exciting for everyone involved. A game with fewer strikeouts is more action-packed, with more opportunities for players to showcase their skills and for the team to score points.

The Key to Reducing Strikeouts

I firmly believe that the Top Hand which is #3 in the 6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF HITTING!! For years coaches and parents have been telling hitters they are dropping their back shoulder when they pop up or strike out. Well with high-power cameras and slow-motion technology, we now know that the vast majority of pop-ups and strike swingings are caused by a weak Top Hand #3. What has been called “you are “dropping your shoulder” is actually your top hand dropping as you come out of Load #1 in the 6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting!!

It is very hard to put into words what you need to see with your very own eyes (please see the video on Reducing StrikeOuts) but let’s give it a try!!

To Master the “6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting “and reduce a hitter’s strikeouts they must have a strong Top Hand #3 and control the heaviest part of the bat “the barrel” when they release their hands from Load #1.

Now what I am going to explain is a little technical but crucial to be a line-drive hitter. So, let us begin with the journey of Hitting a Line Drive! Let us start with wherever the ball is, is called Zero (0). To hit a line drive the bat must hit the ball at the bottom third one-third which means the barrel of the bat must approach the ball at an angle of negative Two (- 2) anything below -2 results in a foul tip, pop-up or most commonly a strike swinging.

When the hands are released from the Load (#1) and begin to move forward towards the pitcher and the top elbow comes into Connection #2 or “Arm Slot” the Top Hand #3 should still be above the bottom hand with the bat barrel still above zero and not on plane (level with the path of the ball) yet but still in a positive angle position!! As the hands continue to move forward out of #2 and #3 with the knob of the bat pointing towards the pitcher, the hitter brings the elbow tight to the body (some coaches call this “hands inside the ball”). Now as hips begin to rotate the barrel will now begin its negative descent onto plane and bat lag then drop the barrel below plane as it begins to approach the ball at a negative two (-2) as it approaches Contact #4. At Contact of the ball occurs hopefully the hitter had good timing and let the ball travel into what I call the Power L at Contact #4 L driving the ball towards the fence with a good Extension #5 and Power V and then completing their swing with a nice balance Hinge Finish (# 6).  Mastering the 6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting that include Top Hand drills located in the All About Softball U Membership Academy is the key to reducing strikeouts and being a pure explosive hitter!!  The Online Training Videos allow players and coaches to have a clear visual of what causes strikeouts. As coaches we can’t just keep on yelling out things like “you’re dropping your shoulder, dropping your top hand or you’re pulling your head out we must show our players through a visual process what they are doing right or what they are doing wrong, I have found that good educational videos are a strong tool that few utilize to teaching good hitting habits and techniques. The Academy allows players and coaches to connect words with moving parts in fast and slow motion.

In closing, for decades I have been studying thousands of hours of videos and working with thousands of hitters, and I know for a fact that the Top Hand #3 is the number one key to making proper Contact #4 and creating an Explosive Swing with a High Batting Average and an outstanding On Base Percentage!!  So, Folks mastering the 6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting is so important to develop good habits in swinging the bat and eliminate the common mistakes that cause strikeouts and bad at-bats so I encourage you to check this out at and click on Softball and Join the Winning Team of Hitters around the World!!!

I hope you enjoyed our blog on how to reduce softball strikeouts. Striking out can be frustrating, but with the tips provided in this article, you will be able to improve your batting and reduce your strikeouts. Remember to keep practicing and do not get discouraged if you do not see immediate results. We are sure that with patience and dedication, you will become a better batter and improve your game.

See ya at the park.

Coach Tim

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