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Bat Path to the Ball String Drill

Bat Path to the Ball Creating a consistent bat path starts with a good Connection#2; it is critical to being a contact hitter with explosive power!!  Words like “Short to It Long Thru It” becoming the norm in hitting a Softball. The mechanics of the swing and how all the moving

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Reduce Strikeouts! The Power of the Top Hand!!

Looking to reduce your softball strikeouts? Here is what you need to know!Softball is a game of precision, skill, and strategy. One of the most important aspects of softball is the ability to reduce strikeouts. Strikeouts are a common occurrence in softball and often lead to missed opportunities, lost runs,

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Coaches that are LOUD

As a parent, watching your child play sports can be a source of joy and pride. However, when your child’s coach is constantly yelling it can be concerning.I think it is critical to first recognize not just how loud the communication is but what is being said and why!!Many coaches

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Tips for New Coaches and New Players

For Players: Beginning the journey of becoming a softball player or coach is exciting. I was introduced to this amazing sport as a coach in 1988 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Please enjoy the tips below on how to have a positive experience as a coach or player. May

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Pro’s and Con’s of Travel Ball and Little League Ball

Pro’s and Con’s of Travel Ball and Little League Ball By Coach Tim Wampler

Playing in both Little League and travel ball can be a great experience for a player. On the one hand, it’s great to have the opportunity to play in a competitive environment and learn important skills.

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Being an Explosive Hitter

Being an Explosive Hitter By Coach Tim Wampler

The primary purpose of being a coach is to inspire excellence in your athletes. Training athletes to have an Explosive Swing with power and a high batting average has some unique challenges. First, as a player and as a coach, you

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Infielders and outfielders play different roles on the field, so their gloves differ based on how they are used.An outfielders glove usually has deeper pocket allowing the outfielder to chase down chase fly balls, securing the

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Prevent Injury with Nutrition

Prevent Injury with Nutrition By Brittany Saxton

Preventing injury is not always top of mind for an athlete or coach and when it is, it’s common to forget how much of a role nutrition plays here. Preventing injury seems and feels like a complicated thing, but it’s not. We can

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