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Fueling the Athlete for Improved Performance

Fueling the Athlete for Improved Performance What coach, parent, or athlete doesn’t want to see the best performance possible out on the field? We all want that, so let’s make sure we are setting our athletes up to perform at their highest potential! In this blog, we are going to

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6 Simple Steps of Hitting

In the past few years, baseball and softball swing mechanics has become scientifically studied. I strongly believe in a Simple Science Approach to hitting! The 6 Simple Step Approach to building a swing is easy to teach, understand and apply for all coaches and hitters at any age or level.

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Softball Explosion Clubs – Defense & Hitting Clubs

05-20-18 TO 06-10-184 WEEKS $120.00 PER CLUB (Sundays Only!)Special:  Both Clubs for Only $200.00Defense Club – Throwing, Infield & Outfield Skill Building (1pm to 2pm)Footwork, Bag App & TransferGlove Angles and Throwing SlotsVision and Hand Speed, Back Hands, Ball AnglesDefensive Situation and CommunicationRead & React SkillsGrip, Transfer and ThrowingReady Position,

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Coach’s Crazy Catchers Camp

 “I’m not crazy, I’m a catcher”Coach Tim Wampler teaches the core principles, explosive and sound fundamentals that will develop players skills from the ground up. Players will work on reactionary and advanced drills to improve all aspects of their game. According to Coach Tim, the drills are progressively intense, fast

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