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Softball U Training Academy is the most powerful and complete online training tool in the world. With simple and precise videos covering every aspect of the game Softball, Athletes and Coaches will perform with confidence in areas including Hitting,   Baserunning, Slapping, Infield & Outfield defensive positions as well as effective and efficient practice plans to take your game to the next Level!!

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This is our Softball U Training Academy Diamond Membership which contains all the videos you need to help with every part of your softball experience!  The “6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting” are found exclusively in our Diamond Membership.

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Skills, Drills, & Practices Videos In All Aspects Of The Game Videos On Hitting, Throwing, Fielding, Base Running!!


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Professional Softball/Baseball Coach Tim Wampler is dedicated to covering each detail of the exciting game of softball & baseball. For 40 years, Coach Wampler has designed powerful and efficient circuit-style practices for youth, high school, travel, and college teams around the country. The practices are filled with fundamentals and dynamic building drills that include Coach’s famous Bucket System Practice and Coach’s Simple Science of Hitting.

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Eliminate your unproductive YouTube searches! All About Sports U is a complete online academy training video system here to assist coaches and players by providing all your training video needs in one location. Join Now!



Membership has its perks! Stay up-to-date on new events, new video releases, new sport launches. Plus get a Free Guide to the 6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting!