Bat Path to the Ball String Drill

Bat Path to the Ball 

Creating a consistent bat path starts with a good Connection#2; it is critical to being a contact hitter with explosive power!!  Words like “Short to It Long Thru It” becoming the norm in hitting a Softball. The mechanics of the swing and how all the moving parts must blend, and work together will create an explosive swing with effortless power. In the 6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting the number one key to the bat path is coming out of the Load and getting that elbow into a good Connection #2 (arm slot)!!

When playing softball, one must consider the position of the ball in the strike zone, along with a hitter’s ability to hit all fields. To hit the ball to the desired location, the bat must be aligned correctly. The most critical factor is the bat path, which refers to the angle of the bat on its approach to contact. This angle is critical because a properly aligned bat makes contact easier and keeps the hitter in a better hitting position in the strike zone.

As a hitter, you want to contact with power. Your power comes from your legs and core, but your bat path comes from proper swing mechanics. A bat path is a method you create when you use your muscles during the swing. Your muscles provide power to your swing, and the bat path is the path you follow to hit the ball. A bat path is achieved when you use the muscles in your arms, wrists, core, and legs. Common swing flaws can be corrected with continued training with a batting tee and the use of this bat path drill.

As a coach for the last 4 decades, I have watched thousands of hitting videos over the years. Great hitters like Lauren Chamberlain and Ken Griffey Jr all have one thing in common: flawless movement with tremendous power. “If there was ever poetry in motion in the batter’s box, it was in the swing from Chamberlain or Griffey.”

I believe you must keep the swing process simple, yet explosive. Have a plan that is simple to follow and practice it constantly. Creating a great Bat Path to the ball will increase Contact, leading to more hits, higher on-base percentage, and fewer strikeouts. Putting the ball in play is critical. The biggest thing that I see all the time is hitters coming out of the Load and not getting to a good Connection #2 with the knob pointing right at the pitcher, thus creating a Long to It Approach (sometimes casting) versus getting the barrel to the ball with the shortest and quickest Path by getting that back elbow right into Connection (Arm Slot).

Therefore, I built the “6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting.” It is easy for students from 6 to 36 years old to build an effortless explosive swing. Just like playing the piano, practicing the same correct hand drills over and over will lead to a swing with muscle memory! The “6 Simple Steps of Hitting” is precise instructions designed to build a Short to It Long Thru It swing that works for every player and is simple to teach for every coach.

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