The Power of High Tee Work in Hitting

As a softball coach, you know that training and preparation are essential to achieving success on the field.  One of the most important aspects of playing softball is proper short work height. Short work versus long work is defined mostly by Tee Work and Toss Work.  Choosing the right tee height and locations can make all the difference in your team’s batting performance.  


In this post, we will be discussing the advantages of using a high tee in softball, not to teach hitters how to hit balls out of the strike zone but how the high tee work is a very successful drill to strengthen the top hand which again I believe strongly is the most important part of Hitting!  See the 6 Simple Steps of Line Drive Hitting Blog and Video@ 


Tee work allows players to develop their swing mechanics by increasing their power, creating consistent habits by building muscle memory as well as increasing their confidence as hitters. Additionally, the use of all-tee work can help players make necessary adjustments to their swing, allowing them to hit different pitches in different locations. By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of why a high tee is such a crucial tool for softball players and how you can incorporate it into your training regimen to maximize your team’s potential.



  1. Introduction to high tee hitting in softball


High tee hitting in softball is a technique that has been gaining popularity in recent years. For decades coaches have been telling hitters that most pop ups and strike outs are caused by the dropping of their shoulder. There are times when players do drop their shoulder but now with high tech cameras and with technology, it shows it is very rare.


The number 1 reason for pop ups and strike outs is a weak top hand. When the hands are released out of the load and the elbow comes into the arm slot/ connection and the top hand is below the lead or bottom hand this causes the barrel to drop below the plain or path of the ball by creating a upper cut swing bat that sometimes is hard to notice but the results are clear. You MUST have the top hand above the bottom hand creating a proper bat path to Contact.

This is the number one reason why hitters constantly miss the ball by inches – they swing right underneath the ball, then everyone wonders how they missed that pitch when it was right down the middle of the plate!!  Well, it was not timing, and it wasn’t them dropping their shoulder it’s usually a weak top hand!!


As a coach, I have seen firsthand the benefits of high tee hitting drills in softball. Not only does it lead to more successful at-bats, but it also instills confidence in the batter and can help to create a more aggressive mindset.


  1. Why high tee hitting is important for softball players

High Tee hitting is a crucial skill for softball players to master. It is all about improving the player’s swing and contact with the ball, as well as increasing the player’s overall power. With a high tee, players are able to focus on the bottom half of the ball, which improves their chances of hitting line drives. This is important because it allows the ball to travel further and faster, making it harder for the defense to catch.

Additionally, high tee hitting helps players to develop a more effective swing. By focusing on hitting the ball in the upper half of the strike zone, players can work on keeping their swing level and avoiding the tendency to swing upward. This leads to a more consistent swing and better contact with the ball, which translates to more hits and more runs for the team.

Overall, high tee hitting is an essential skill for softball players to master. It improves their swing, contact with the ball, and power, all of which are crucial factors in the success of the team. Coaches should focus on developing this skill in their players, and players should work hard to perfect it through practice and repetition.


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