Coach’s Crazy Catchers Camp

 “I’m not crazy, I’m a catcher”

Coach Tim Wampler teaches the core principles, explosive and sound fundamentals that will develop players skills from the ground up. Players will work on reactionary and advanced drills to improve all aspects of their game. According to Coach Tim, the drills are progressively intense, fast moving, quick, demanding and sure to produce quick and explosive Results!

Coach Tim brings the key steps of an Explosive Player!!
  1. Communication & Situations
  2. Grip, Transfer & Footwork
  3. Receiving, Framing & Blocking
  4. Pop, Pivot and Snap Throws
  5. Bunts, Tags & Explosive Finishes

FOOTWORK COUNTS! The better your footwork, the easier and smoother your glove work becomes. Athleticism and Explosive Fundamentals are the keys to reaching ones Potential. This Camp will build game knowledge, positional approach and CONFIDENCE!!

 Join Today and let us help you” Reach Your Potential!

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