Fun + Mentals = Fundamentals

Every coach, every athlete, every media commentator, and every fan will tell you that the fundamental element of all sports is skill!

Why are fundamentals important in sports? The Fundamentals build skills and skill precedes winning. Teaching Fundamentals provides athletes with the confidence to execute a level necessary to compete. Our goal at Softball U is to empower you, the coaches and players with all the tools for developing game-speed skill and game-speed knowledge!

“We keep it Simple” – Softball U is designed to walk you through each fundamental technique of every part of the game in a simple and organized way to build a foundation for a Championship Team and a Championship Player.

Let us begin with Unlocking what Coach Wampler and his team have designed just for you
with SHORT and POWERFULL VIDEO TOOLS inside the Softball U!


  • Over 200 position and skill videos
  • Drills and skills for game time situations
  • Coach Wampler’s “Simple Science of Hitting”
  • Coaches famous “Bucket System for Defensive Efficiency”
  • How to be effective from the Coaches Box
  • Team strength and conditioning videos
  • Arm care training
  • Nutritional training
  • Speed and agility boot camp training
  • The Mentals Of Success
  • Develop character, leadership and success habits
  • And much, much more