“Be Ready Out Of Season And In-Season And Don’t Let Your Hard Work Out Of Season Slip Away In Season”.

 Adjustments are a critical component of Hitting! Short work (Tee Work- Soft Toss) is where you build a compact and powerful swing. Long Work (live pitches – machine and coach pitch and game at-bats) are most of the time where one begins to lose their swing. During the season is where bad habits sometimes creep in and if a trained eye is not available to pick up on negative habits, a slump or inconsistency usually occurs.

Coach Wampler is a trained, professional hitting coach that has helped over a thousand players reach their full potential in hitting.

Coach Wampler is a leading Inspirational Speaker with 10 years of experience speaking to churches, businesses, organizations, and leagues!

His hard nose approach to stepping on the ball field of battle will not just inspire your athlete, but will encourage them to apply goal sitting, improve work ethic and develop a game plan for Success!

Table of Contents

1. Bat speed measurement

2. Bat Angle Approach and Launch Angle

3. Specific Zone Work in Tee and Soft Toss

4. The 4 Simple Steps of Hitting the Line Drive

5. The Magic Top Hand

6. Scouting Report on Local Pitchers

7. Minimum 1 game visit from the Coach

8. Coach’s Life Changing Seminar