Bat Path & Bat Speed

Bat Path & Bat Speed By Coach Tim Wampler

With words like “Exit Velocity” becoming the norm in hitting a Softball or Baseball, Coach Tim speaks about the “The mechanical part of the swing and how all the moving parts must blend and work together with effortless power.”

Coach Tim studied and watched thousands of hitting videos over the years. The greats like Lauren Chamberlain and Ken Griffey Jr and all have one thing in common: flawless movement with tremendous power. “If there was ever poetry in motion on a baseball field, it was in the swing from Chamberlain or Griffey” says Coach Tim.

As a hitting expert with decades of experience, Coach Tim has seen many great swings and has heard many opinions of how to develop a great swing!!

Coach Tim believes you must make the swing process simple, yet explosive. Coach says the biggest debate is if the player should swing down or up on the ball from the Pre-Load (launch position). Coach Tim recommends staying away from those arguments because the different opinions range from older players like Ted Williams to future Hall of Famers.

Therefore, Coach built the “Six Simple Steps of Hitting.” It is easy for students from 6 to 36 years old to build an effortless explosive swing. Just like playing the piano, practicing the same hand drills over and over will lead to muscle memory! The “Six Simple Steps of Hitting” is the instruction to build a system that works for every player and is simple to teach for every coach. For more information on how to create bat speed with an explosive bat path, visit

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