Softball Explosion Clubs – Defense & Hitting Clubs

05-20-18 TO 06-10-18

4 WEEKS $120.00 PER CLUB (Sundays Only!)

Special:  Both Clubs for Only $200.00

Defense Club – Throwing, Infield & Outfield Skill Building (1pm to 2pm)
  1. Footwork, Bag App & Transfer
  2. Glove Angles and Throwing Slots
  3. Vision and Hand Speed, Back Hands, Ball Angles
  4. Defensive Situation and Communication
  5. Read & React Skills
  6. Grip, Transfer and Throwing
  7. Ready Position, Receiving and Catching the Ball
  8. Infield and Outfield Positional Skills
Hitting Club (3pm to 4pm)
  1. Working on Pitch & Strike Zone Recognition
  2. Timing & Contact Consistency
  3. Balance, Quickness & Power
  4. Bunting & Slapping
  5. Situational &Zone Hitting
  6. How to Hit the Rise & Change
  7. (5) Point Line Drive Hitting

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